Port of Papenburg

Schulte & Bruns – stevedoring & warehousing

With our experience of more than 141 years in stevedoring and warehousing we are your contact, we are an innovative handling and storage company with modern cargo handling technologies and port logistics.

Schulte & Bruns is the largest port-operator in Papenburg, the most southern seaport of Germany.

At eight attractive locations you have a wide range of handling and storage options available.

We create space for you: port@schulte-bruns.de

Wilhelm Hippen
Phone: +49 (0) 4961 806-145

Fax: +49(0) 4961 806-116

Henning Kohoff
Phone: +49 (0) 4961 806-142

Fax: +49(0) 4961 806-116

  • abt 30.000 sqm open storage area
  • 440 m quay length
  • 3 warehouses for storage and manufacture of peatmoss and substrates
  • Cargo handling-, sieve- and conveyorbelt for loose peatmoss
  • Mobile system for forwarding and screening on trucks or vessels
  • comprehensive BImSchG permission

Industriehafen Nord
  • abt 19.000 sqm open storage area
  • 800 m quay length
  • truck scale
  • comprehensive BImSchG permission

Industriehafen Süd
  • abt 40.000 sqm open storage
  • 500 m quay length
  • vehicle scale
  • track connection
  • comprehensive BImSchG permission

Mounting halls
  • mountinghalls with areas of about 3.315 sqm, 2.805 sqm and 1.841 sqm
  • abt 17.000 sqm open storage
  • in total 11 hall cranes of 2 mt upto 63 mt
  • 9 rolling gates upto 15 m hight
  • integrated office and social space
  • port connection
  • track connection
  • 10 km distance to the motorway 31
  • comprehensive BImSchG permission

  • 5 warehouses between 170 sqm and 1.000 sqm
  • abt 10.000 sqm open storage area
  • social accomodation
  • office building
  • dangerous goods warehouse with a separate sanitation
  • port connection
  • track connection
  • comprehensive BImSchG permission

  • 8 warehouses with areas of between 500 sqm und 6.000 sqm
  • 450 m quay length
  • abt 10.000 sqm open storage area
  • social accomodation
  • office building
  • comprehensive BImSchG permission

  • abt 90 m quay (ship length up to 120 m)
  • 12.000 sqm paved open storage, extendable with abt 7.000 sqm
  • 600 sqm warehouse
  • handling system for vessels and barges
  • track connection
  • comprehensive BImSchG permission

Our facilities include the following:

  • abt 400,000 sqm open, paved storage areas with quay and rail connections
  • abt 40,500 sqm of covered storage areas
  • approved warehouse for about 17,000 mt grain and feed according to GMP regulations
  • BImSchG approved storage and warehouseareas for storage and handling of approved goods (BU-Dep.)
  • abt 2.400 metres of quay side
  • abt 12,000 sqm warehouses for general cargo and projects incl. inventory accounting, order picking, transportation and customs clearance
Inland Navigation


Barging is an important link between the port and the channel region and the Rhine.

The seaports Papenburg and Emden are connected via the Ems River with the Central European waterway network.

We ensure the environmentally sound mastering your transfer orders of goods of all kinds.
Here, Schulte & Bruns serves modern, suitable for dry good barges in ship sizes from1,200 mt up to 1,600 mt viability.
Take a picture and contact us at the appropriate locations.

The southern most seaport Papenburg allows you turn over your cargo trimodal and send to the Ems-River to the largest inland ports.

Barges operated by Schulte & Bruns:

MS “Curativa”
DWCC 2.200ts / Length 110m  / Breadth 9,45m / Draft 2,99m

MS “Orca”
DWCC 1.595ts / Breadth 95m / Length 9,50m / Draft 2,69m

MS “Nordwind”

DWCC 1.302 ts / Length 85m / Breadth 9,20m / Draft 2,52m

Your transport is our business!

Email: barging@schulte-bruns.com
Andreas Hansing
Phone: +49 (0) 4961 806-144

Railway Connection

Schulte & Bruns – Modern handling of railway wagon

Our own railsystems provide Schulte & Bruns both in Papenburg and Emden in a wide range of services along the logistics chain at your disposal.

In the seaport Papenburg Schulte & Bruns has approximately 1.600 m track connections with in-house interconnection.

In addition to building materials, logs, sawn timber and general cargo as well as special project
cargoes are loaded.

BImSchG approved envelope

Loading and unloading capacity from 250 mt to 330 mt / hrs

Please contact us to learn more about our logistical interface management

Email: port@schulte-bruns.de

Robert Strehlau
Phone: +49 (0) 4961 806-140

Henning Kohoff
Phone: +49 (0) 4961 806-142


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