Port of Emden

Schulte & Bruns Emden – stevedoring & warehousing

We are an innovative handling and storage specialist with our modern loading facilities, your partner in terms of cargo handling and port logistics.

Versatile handling and storage facilities, both for bulk materials (fertilizers, building materials, fodder, peat, wood chips, logs and lumber) and for piece goods are available in two attractive locations

We create space for you: info@schulte-bruns-emden.de

Sven Hilbrands
Phone: +49 (0) 4921 812-30
Industriehafen Stichkanal


Open storage area

On our terminal Stichkanal, we offer several options for handling your bulk and general cargo.
– abt. 60,000 sqm of open storage area for bulk goods
– abt. 10,000 sqm warehouse for bulk and general cargo



At our terminal Südkai we offer free storage space on 4.000 sqm different coveroptions for yourbulk goods are available.

Our facilities include the following:

  • abt. 10.000 sqm warehouses for bulk and general cargo
  • abt.. 60.000 sqm free storage areas for bulk cargo
  • free storage areas at the Südkai for bulk cargo
  • open areas for industrial settlement with direct motorway access
  • private slidings
Inland Navigation
Barging is an important link between the port and the channel region and the Rhine.

The seaports Papenburg and Emden are connected via the Ems River with the Central European waterway network.

We ensure the environmentally sound mastering your transfer orders of goods of all kinds.
Here, Schulte & Bruns serves modern, suitable for dry good barges in ship sizes from1,200 mt up to 1,600 mt viability.

Take a picture and contact us at the appropriate locations.

Our qualified staff will be happy to help.

  • Own barges
  • Chartering
  • European transport
  • Bulk-, General- and Container transport

eMail: info@schulte-bruns-emden.de

Your cargo is our business.

Sven Hilbrands
Phone.: +49 (0) 4921 812-30

Railway Connection

Schulte & Bruns – Modern handling of railway wagon

Our own railsystems provide Schulte & Bruns both in Papenburg and Emden in a wide range of services along the logistics chain at your disposal

Since April 2011, the “reactivated” and renovated siding is right outside our premises “Zur alten Brikettfabrik” in Emden again.
Trains with gravel and mineral mixtures and splitting will be discharged.
Loading and unloading capacity from 250 mt to 330 mt / hrs
Please contact us to learn more about our logistical
interface management:

eMail: info@schulte-bruns-emden.de

Sven Hilbrands
Phone: +49 (0) 4921 812-30


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